the team from the carpentry hergen garrelts
We are a team of hard-working carpenters who create wonderful products with creativity, energy and love for the material.
In our carpentry workshop in Bad Zwischenahn we primarily create individual furniture and complete kitchen equipment.
Every now and then we take our time and create the most beautiful boards and kitchen appliances in the republic. (We're being modest here; we'll take over Europe and the rest of the planet later.)
With a lot of sensitive handwork, we make the cutting board from wonderful material as a tool for preparing fine dishes and as an accessory for a stylish ambience.
The kitchen is a workshop for one of our most valuable activities:
the preparation of healthy, tasty meals.
It is a pleasure to carry out these jobs with perfect tools.

As Garrelts design office and carpentry shop, we offer you a selection of unique kitchen boards and other products, each of which is unique. Our range now ranges from so-called real boards, to hand-turned pepper mills, salad cutlery, breakfast boards and rolling pins, to trays and candlesticks. Our products are always special, unique pieces and are all created with precise craftsmanship in our own wood workshop in Ammerland.
Differences in wood type, grain, size and weight ensure that every piece of wood we pick up becomes a unique piece with a unique character.
Under our expert hands and eyes, a unique piece of nature becomes a wonderful tool for your kitchen. Below we would like to introduce you to our outstanding team in the workshop and office.


since 1995 – Bernd Brockhoff from Ekern, carpenter

bernd brockhoff carpentry garrelts

since 2006 – Andre Meckelnborg from Oldenburg, master carpenter

andre meckelnborg carpentry garrelts

since 2009 – ulrike enders from westerstede, interior designer

ulrike enders carpentry garrelts

since 2013 – Jasper Kreft from Westerstede, initially a trainee, now a wood technician

jasper kreft carpentry garrelts

since 2022 – Daniel Gerken from Edewecht, the current trainee

daniel gerken carpentry garrelts

since 2023 – Jelde Steffens from Oldenburg, the current trainee

jelde steffens carpentry garrelts

since 2017 – max garrelts from oldenburg, behind the digital scenes

max garrelts carpentry garrelts

Since 1995 we have trained these people to become carpenters:

Aenne Holtorf, Hartwig Gerdts, Stefanie Künkel, Myriam Peters, Jens Backhus, David Schnitter, Jasper Kreft, Stephan Gerdts, Peter Häusler, Jan Deeken, Janis Raphael Kappel, Constantin Wragge, Christian Ruprecht, Simon Lobmeyer


since 1993 – hergen garrelts from Ekern

hergen garrelts carpentry and design office garrelts


born in oldenburg


journeyman examination to become a carpenter


life and work on Spiekeroog


studying product design with prof. G. Böckelmann and Manfred Schellhorn at the Hildesheim University of Applied Sciences


apprenticeship examination to become a wood turner


Graduation as a designer

since 1992

works as a freelance designer and craftsman. Member of the working group for arts and crafts and design in Lower Saxony and Hanover. Participation in numerous exhibitions


Construction of a workshop and studio in Bad Zwischenahn-Ekern

since 1994

Member of the ako – arts and crafts working group in Oldenburg.
organizer of “designvomdorf”

since 1997

Teaching position at the Werkakademie for design in crafts
lecturer for perspective and free drawing

since 2007

Chairman of the AKO – Applied Arts Oldenburg


Awarding of the “Lower Saxony State Prize for Design Crafts 2022”

film contribution to the state prize:



The essential basis for the high quality of all our products is created in the workshop. In the heart of the village of Ekern, in the side wing of an old farmhouse, we build everything from the kitchen to the salad cutlery using first-class craftsmanship. The rooms on the old farm with its modern extension already embody our corporate philosophy: timeless design through traditional, high-quality craftsmanship. The entire design and production process takes place here on the farm, from the first sketch to the final touches. In addition to the wood workshop, our carpentry workshop also has a small showroom, our studio, where interested visitors can take a look at our products. This is also the place where the designvomdorf takes place every year. Please feel free to visit us!

Our workshop in an old farmhouse in the village of Ekern embodies traditional craftsmanship and pioneering design.


Whether in kitchen construction, furniture construction or the production of boards, candlesticks, pepper mills, trays and other products, we attach great importance to the outstanding quality of the materials used.

In addition to quality standards, we attach great importance to timeless and practical design. Our choice of materials is also derived from these principles.

In the kitchen area we mainly use a mix of solid wood, robust black steel, durable stainless steel and sustainable linoleum.

In our workshop we mostly use the following woods: oak, ash, cherry and walnut. Of course, we are happy to make special requests regarding wood come true. However, we generally avoid the use of tropical woods.

We select our wood with sustainability in mind and place greater emphasis on regionality.


When selecting the materials for our products, we attach great importance to the highest quality and sustainability. That's why we generally avoid using tropical wood and chipboard.

In addition, we do not use paint and generally try to avoid the use of plastics in our workshop.

Our boards are made exclusively from solid, unglued wood and ecological oil. We also optimize our connection processes in kitchen construction to the extent that mainly screw connections minimize adhesive consumption in order to improve the recycling properties.

An equally important aspect in terms of sustainability is the idea of ​​longevity. Timeless design and the highest quality workmanship ensure that our products will last for a long time. This is how we work with you to counteract the fast furniture trend.

Regional environmental protection is also very important to us and that is why we have been supporting the “BUND Ammerland” for several years with fundraising campaigns that were launched in connection with our “designvomdorf”. This enabled us to financially support a new orchard in Ammerland (Jeddeloh 2) with the support of our guests from “designvomdorf” and “BUND Ammerland”.

If possible, we use wood from the immediate surroundings. Here you can see how we make some stools from an old sequoia tree from the neighborhood.


Our products are usually made of solid wood and in most cases have an ecological oil treatment.

That's why they can't be put in the dishwasher and are simply happy with a brush treatment under the hot tap.

Traces of wear and tear are part of every tool in the kitchen and the resulting patina is evidence of countless delicious meals that were conjured up with the help of this item.

If you would like to occasionally polish up your board or our other kitchen utensils, you can do so with a colorless, food-safe oil, such as linseed oil. It is important to ensure that excess oil is removed immediately afterwards with a cloth and that the board is then rubbed thoroughly dry.

The raw material wood works particularly when it is damp or dry, which can result in slight deformation. The color, feel, texture and brightness of the wooden surface can also change over the course of use. In addition, environmental influences may cause cracks. This is all part of the natural aging process and is therefore not subject to our warranty against defects. Of course, we make sure that we do everything in our power to exclude any loss of quality in our products as best as possible.

If you have any further questions about care, we are available to you at any time by email or via social networks.

Different types of wood are processed in our workshop - we value sustainability and regionality.