We can solemnly announce that Hergen Garrelts was awarded the Lower Saxony State Prize in 2022. A great honor for many years of creative work in the Oldenburg area.

The Lower Saxony State Prize for the creative crafts has been awarded regularly since 1958 at intervals of up to four years by what is now the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labor and Transport. It honors designed works by craftsmen based in Lower Saxony. The state prize, the two sponsorship prizes and the company prize are intended to offer incentives and encourage Lower Saxony craftsmen and craft businesses to demonstrate their high level of technical skills and “their design skills in order to stand out from other competitors and be successful on the market to position” (Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labor and Transport, 2017).

In January 2022 we were able to travel to Hanover with part of our team to be there live at the ceremonial handover and the opening of the exhibition.

According to statements about the craftsmanship, the jury's verdict was unanimous and describes the design of our seating as follows: “The visual lightness corresponds to the low weight of the chair. Puristic, restrained in shape, it impresses with its clear lines, is easy to handle and yet does not compromise on stability. Chairs, consistent in form and line and down to the smallest detail.”

We are extremely happy about this verdict and would like to express our thanks for the entire planning and implementation of this important prize for the creative crafts in Lower Saxony.

In the following film clips on YouTube you can expect further insights and additional background information about the creation of this seating furniture:



The following pictures show our award-winning seating furniture.

the Lower Saxony State Prize for Design in Crafts 2022.

our winning design at the state prize exhibition in Hanover.

Examination of the details with Dr. Berend Lindner after the award ceremony.